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  • Star Wars Episode 7 - A New Beginning?

    Currently under production in Pinewood studios, London is the seventh instalment of a saga that first captivated the world's attention on its release in 1977. Star Wars episode 7 is due for release on 18th December 2015, and much speculation is already underway concerning its story and its title.

    Having purchased the franchise for £2.5 billion as part of its takeover of Lucasfilm, Disney have brought together members of the original cast, as well as a galaxy other stars for the new episode. Once again Han (Harrison Ford), Luke (Mark Hamill) and Leia (Carrie Fisher) will join droid (robot) heroes R2D2 (pictured) and C3PO in saving the universe as we know it!

    The plot of the original film ‘A New Hope’ was a very simple one - the heroes had to save the suffering galaxy from an evil power in the form of a ruthless galactic empire, which had ruled without mercy using an evil power known as the 'dark side' of the force. In order to overthrow this evil, Luke Skywalker had to use the power of the 'good side' of the force and bring deliverance to the oppressed and freedom to the galaxy.

    Sound like a familiar story? That's because it is. I have no doubt that—subconsciously at least—part of the inspiration behind the plot for a story like Star Wars comes from the gospel message.

    Jesus Christ is God's son born of a virgin, the chosen One who comes with the supernatural power of God to liberate the whole of creation from the dark powers which had enslaved it ever since man chose to sin and turn his back on God. Yet unlike our film hero, Jesus actually had to suffer death on a cross in order to defeat evil, and rise again from the dead so that his victory might be shared with the whole universe. Because of what Jesus has done, all who believe in him share the eternal life which he came to bring.

    Not only that, but when Jesus comes again he will restore peace and the original beauty of the whole creation. There will be no more war or suffering, when Jesus takes up his rightful place to reign even the lion will lie down peacefully with the lamb. ‘Nation shall not lift up sword against nation; neither shall they learn war anymore.’ (Isaiah 2:4)

    So just as Luke Skywalker and his friends brought ‘A New Hope’ to the Star Wars Galaxy, so Jesus Christ brings hope and a new beginning for the whole creation. In fact, I might suggest to J.J. Abrams a working title for the new film – A New Beginning.



  • On Saturday 23rd August Peter Capaldi took over the controls of the TARDIS in his first thrilling outing as the 13th Doctor; raising hopes of another great series for fans this year!

    On Saturday 23rd August Peter Capaldi took over the controls of the TARDIS in his first thrilling outing as the 13th Doctor; raising hopes of another great series for fans this year!

    Have you ever wished you could travel in time? If so, where would you go? Would you want to visit the greatest events that have ever happened on Earth?

    Then read on.....

    If I could take you back in time to THE most important event in world history, then I would take you back to AD 29, to a small hill outside the ancient city of Jerusalem. There on a Roman cross Jesus was bearing the sins of the world. As you stepped out of the TARDIS you would have seen crowds of people standing near the cross insulting Jesus. You would have witnessed the sky turning black at midday, even though it was Passover - the time of full moon - making an eclipse impossible. If you came with me closer to the cross you might have heard Jesus' dying words 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing' , and the Roman centurion bearing his head to exclaim 'Truly this man was the Son of God!'

    Even though we have not got a time machine, we can visit the place where Jesus died today. And we do not even need to travel to Jerusalem. For what Jesus did by bearing our sins on the cross brings God's presence to us wherever we are. We are sinners needing forgiveness if we are to avoid falling under God's awful judgment - and forgiveness is exactly what Jesus has provided for us by his death.

    You see, even though we cannot travel in time, what Jesus did has effect for ALL TIME. As God, Jesus was able to look into the future to see every man and woman who has ever lived, and then to die for them all. His death provides the forgiveness we need so that we can live with God forever. Three days after he died, Jesus rose again, so that all who believe in him might receive this gift of eternal life.

    Right here and now, without a TARDIS, you can come to the Lord Jesus, who is present everywhere. You can tell him that you have sinned and that you repent. Ask him to forgive and receive you on the basis of what he has already done for your soul. Ask him to come into your heart and life, to be your saviour.



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